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Fall 2019


I want you to know how much I love and appreciate you!  I couldn't do what I've been called to do without you standing on the front lines with me and preparing the way for the message and the ministry.  God has been good and it has been a privilege to be a vessel of His love and truth to many hungry and even desperate individuals. 


It was such a joy to see changed lives as I recently minstered in Ukraine and Poland.  About 100 people attended the Prophetic Training Seminar in Zaporizhia.  It is always rewarding to see so many people give and receive prophetic ministry for the first time.  God's presence and anointing was so powerful during the Sunday morning service.  One man fell down under the power of the Holy Spirit, and we he finally got up, he repeatedly shouted, "The old is gone, I am a new man!"  We prayed for a seven year old girl who was born with what doctors called a permanent heart condition.  I received a text message the next week from the father, who said that her doctor declared her to be healed.  Praise God!!!  I have been asked to come back in the early Spring and a visiting pastor from Dnipro (approx one hour away) has asked if I would consider ministering in his congregation as well.  The Ukrainians are hungry and receptive!


I spent a week in Odessa teaching the Book of Revelation at a combined meeting of two Ministry Schools.  It was both challenging and rewarding.  From there I flew to Czenstchowa, Poland and taught a one day seminar on Advancing the Kingdom with Power and Authority.  It is a young congregation and they are so eager to learn and grow.  Monday evening I ministered prophetically to everyone on the leadership team and then headed to Warsaw for the rest of the week. I had a meeting with a pastor of a Russian speaking church who wants  a Prophetic Training Seminar in February, lunch with a pastor and church administrator of the largest evangelical church in Poland who want a Prophetic Training Seminar in January, and a meeting with the President of the Theological Seminary in Warsaw who wants me to teach a Prophetic Training Seminar and a Dream Interpretation Seminar in January. That weekend I taught a Prophetic Training Seminar and ministered at the Sunday morning service at the KDW Church.


Please pray for the Kingdom Authority Seminar in Tabasco, Mexico October 10-13 and in Killeen,TX November 6-10, and the Identity in Christ Seminar in Hildalgo, Mexico November 15-18.


January 2020

It is uncanny that this new decade starts with 2020, because God has given to me the clearest vision for ministry than I have had in the past 37 years.  We are stepping into greater clarity, purpose, direction, faith, authority and an increasing anointing.  I realize that if I have ever needed an awesome group of mighty intercessors and partners, it is now!


By faith, Lisa is going to start traveling with me and I know God is going to mightily use the gifts and anointing that He has placed in her. She recently went with me to Mexico, and even though she intended to only be there for prayer support, she led multiple people to salvation, led worship, prayed, counselled and imparted to many. She is such a gift to me!!! 


A few years ago I heard God say, "Do more international ministry."  I didn't want to because there is no income in international ministry.  But we have obeyed and this year we are giving two weeks in every month to international ministry and are currently booked through June.  So we are more dependent than ever on the financial gifts of our Partners.  We know that God is our source, but He uses faithful people to be the conduit of His provision.


I have a long time friend in the ministry, who is also an incredible entrepreneur.  He is finding unique ways to help people create financial support for the mandate God has given us. His name is Kenny Smith. He may be contacting some of you to see if you and other people you know, would like to help.


I made a mistake and took a long break from Facebook.  I now realize that it was the only medium that some people had to keep up with what we are doing.  So I'm jumping back in at least on the ministry page and eventually on the personal page.  Also, my daughter-in-law is creating for me a bi-weekly E-letter, so that we can connect with friends who are not on Facebook. 

We head to Warsaw, Poland on January 22, for a two week trip where I will teach three seminars and preach three messages at the Theological Seminary and at Christian Fellowship North (Church).  Please pray for God's grace and anointing on me and Lisa, and pray for fertile hearts to receive the teachings and ministry.


I love you guys and appreciate everyone of you!


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